Sponsored children

in sub-Saharan Africa


Children at school

with school costs incurred and family aid


assisted families with children


meals distributed

The challenge

In Madagascar, one of the 10 poorest countries in the world, children's education and health are the most important tools to build a better future. Since 1995, the Fihavanana Association has been taking care of orphans, children born to extremely poor families, and sick or disabled children, from birth until they reach independence in their adulthood. Many of them, after completing their studies, become an active part of the project and, in turn, help those who need it the most.

Concrete actions

  • Sponsoring children to support their schooling, health, nutrition expenses and savings account
  • Supporting orphanages and schools
  • Supporting poor families
  • Supporting group homes for children and young people with disabilities
  • Supporting school canteens
  • Providing school supplies: uniforms, books, notebooks, etc.
  • Taking care of school fees for children and young people from poor families
  • Building schools
  • Building wells and water fountains in rural villages
  • Building and supporting paediatric wards in public and private hospitals
  • Other recreational and social activities: school trips, training experiences, Christmas parties, theatre performances etc.

Supported projects


(orphanage in Antananarivo)
Fihavanana supports 6 children who live in the orphanage.

ECAR Itaosy – Petites Soeurs Missionaires de la Charité

(group home in Antananarivo)
We take care of school fees and canteen expenses for 11 children of poor families.

“Maison de Famille” and “Center Mère Enfant”

Maternal and child health project and orphanage, Fihavanana covers the rent expenses.

IME Equilibre – Medical and Educational Institute for the Disabled

Monthly contribution for the canteen fees of 17 children and 7 disabled adults who are part of the staff.

Étoile du Matin

Orphanage with 18 children supported by our project.

ECAR Filles de la Charité du Sacre Cœur de Jésus

Group home that takes care of 40 children in need. Fihavanana takes care of the school fees.


Children’s education center and vocational training center for young people from families in need. Fihavanana supports the daily canteen fees for 35 children.

Tsara Zaza

Orphanage for disabled children, the Association takes care of the daily expenses for 5 children.

Sostieni Fihavanana

You can make a donation via Paypal or credit card.

This is the impact your donation can have:

2,50 €

1 kg of rice

25 €

Monthly rent for a home

50 €

Yearly school fees for a child

Dona ora

Sponsor a child

with less than 1 Euro per day you can change a child’s life and help them, once they grow up, to build a better future in their country.

1 cup of coffee a day

Nutrition, healthcare, primary needs

clothes, home expenses, medical care

School fees

school supplies: books, notebooks, uniforms, etc.

Recreational and social activities

School trips and other fun events

Savings account

accessible when a child turns 18

As a child, someone told me one day that I would become a mother; but life, and my career as a doctor, kept me away from the idea of ​​motherhood for a long time, until my lucky
encounter with Cinzia Akbaraly, a wonderful woman and mother and the founder of Fihavanana, who took me to Madagascar.
There, I saw up close the extreme poverty, the hunger, the pain and, despite everything, the sweet smiles of the children who carried their younger siblings on their shoulders…I saw their big, black, glossy eyes, saw their little hands stretched out to receive something … maybe even just a hug.
I went to Madagascar and hugged my daughter for the first time. Unbelievable. She looked like an ebony miniature. Three years old, with incredibly soft skin. Two huge frightened eyes, a row of white teeth like little confetti. My daughter.
A beautiful, sweet yet strong personality, born in the desperation of poverty but grown through love; the same love that she has given back to us for the past six years with her pranks, her kisses, her beautiful grades at school, her quirks.
On April 25th 2012, her father and I embraced her for the first time at La Maison des Enfants.
Our lives have changed since then … ours, hers.

Thank you.